2011-09-25 (日) start: 7:00 PM at 日本武道館
  1. Undertow
  2. American Beauty
  3. Daddy, Brother, Lover and Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
  4. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
  5. Take Cover
  6. I Get the Feeling
  7. Stranger in My Life
  8. Once Upon a Time
  9. Road To Ruin
  10. I Won’t Get in My Way
  11. Just Take My Heart
  12. Merciless
  13. Paul Gilbert solo
  14. Still Ain’t Enough for Me
  15. Where Do I Fit In? (Acoustic)
  16. The World Is On The Way (Acoustic)
  17. Voodoo Kiss (Acoustic)
  18. Anything For You (Acoustic)
  19. Carry On [Crosby,

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